What I do

I help organisations strategise, solve problems, reboot culture and adapt to digital change. My work encompasses facilitation, analysis, project management, strategic planning, business process improvement and culture change.

I work with small and large organisations across industries including media, health and government. In recent years I’ve worked with True North, Stats NZ, Auckland Transport, Fairfax Media, NZ Open Government Information & Data Programme, Ngā Ngaru Rautahi O Aotearoa, Health Audit Group and many others.

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Here’s what I can do to help

~ solve problems and get projects unstuck
~ ask hard questions and challenge assumptions
~ identify real problems and separate symptoms from causes
~ manage projects on time and within budget
~ work positively with a wide range of stakeholders
~ generate enthusiasm for projects and take people on a journey
~ map, analyse and improve processes to meet changing needs
~ facilitate meetings, workshops and strategic planning sessions
~ capture decisions, plans and other information in concise, visual documents

I’d love to hear about your project!