I’m Julie Starr and I wrangle projects and help organisations strategise and reboot processes and culture in response to challenge and change.

I often work as a business analyst or project manager on IT projects: working with users and the business to understand requirements, writing specifications and working with developers and vendors, keeping track of terminology and decisions, and driving progress from requirements through to deployment.

I have a particular passion for taming tricky projects and managing complex information.

The power of visualising what we do

I’m in awe of the power of visualisation to clarify problems and solutions. The way a good visualisation can illuminate stories hiding in data. And complex processes can be made manageable by mapping them. Being able to see the whowhat, where, why and when of problems laid out right in front of you: wasted time, bottlenecks, double-ups and missed opportunities.

I love how solutions start to suggest themselves.

I first started mapping processes at Telegraph Media Group in London in 2006, when the organisation ran a major change programme to prepare for a more digital future.

A key challenge for the project was to understand how our web and print publishing processes might be integrated to improve capacity and efficiency. I captured and analysed newsroom processes in detail to understand where those overlaps and opportunities were.

It was a fascinating exercise and I’ve been hooked ever since.

The challenge of change

The Telegraph is also where I cut my teeth on change management, learning first-hand how challenging it is for people — and organisations as a whole — to have to think and act differently in every aspect of what they do because of the internet or some other disruption.

It helped me develop a pragmatic and empathetic approach to managing challenge and change.

Deadlines and beyond

My years in journalism (as a reporter, sub-editor, and ultimately chief sub-editor on the Telegraph’s business desk) taught me how to talk to people and listen, to clarify information and write succinctly, and to meet immovable deadlines.

In more recent years I’ve honed my skills as a facilitator, teacher, analyst and project manager, and mastered quality management system documentation among other things.

You can read more of my work history on LinkedIn and get in touch using the Contact Form below.

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