As organisations change and grow it’s easy to lose track of what’s actually happening: staff leave and take valuable knowledge with them; you get too busy to keep track of everything; what you actually do drifts away from what your policies & procedures say you do, projects gets stalled, dropped or damaged because old workflows can’t keep up.




How I can help

I’ll help you find clarity about how you’re working, what needs to change, and how to start going about it. This process works really well for problem-solving in a particular area or department, but can also give you a useful bird’s-eye view of your whole organisation.

Step One: Clarify

Capture how your staff are actually working. Through a mix of observation and interviews with a range of people in your organisation I’ll look at each step people use to get their job done and find out what’s getting in their way. By capturing information from a range of people, I can build a comprehensive picture of where there are roadblocks, double-ups and missed opportunities across the workflow as a whole.

Visualise your workflows so you can see what’s happening. I usually draw workflows in logic-driven diagrams (based on EPC) adapted to make them easy to read for whoever needs to read them. Each diagram describes a single process, procedure, shift, production cycle (whatever is most useful to look at). It captures each task, decision, and following steps. I can add inputs and outputs such as where data or content is coming from and going to, note the equipment or software used for a task, and include who (which role) is doing the task.

Step Two: Improve

Analyse your workflows to see where you can speed up, simplify and smooth the way.

Redesign your workflows to suit what you need now and in the future. Align them with your strategy, business plan, and goals.

Step Three: Use & Review

Document & Share your workflows across the organisation in formats that are easy to read, use and update. I use a mix of demos, printed and online guides, workshops, presentations and time on the floor — depending on the situation.

Manage your workflows using Document Control. I’ll help you incorporate your workflow documentation into your existing Document Control system, or help you establish a Document Control system if you don’t have one yet.

Monitor & Adapt your workflows over time

You don’t have to commit to all three steps. You can start with Step One and see where that leads. Or jump in at Step Two if you already have well-documented processes that need updating.

Wherever you start, I’ll tailor the process to what you need and the problems you’re trying to solve right now.

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