Making some changes? A one-page visualisation of the key points is a simple and effective way to get everyone’s attention and explain what’s going on.

A poster-sized one-pager can go on the wall as an everyday reminder of new steps and terminology. An adapted version can build out your presentations and add colour and clarity to a staff guide.

I specialise in reading your documents for the key points and pulling them together in a visual form that’s easy to understand.

I can customise one-pagers for you:

  • Add your logo and colour scheme
  • Add links to documents, your intranet or website
  • Save as an image or PDF
  • Size for the wall or adapt for PowerPoint or Keynote
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Case study

In 2014 Sandy Mamoli and David Mole were rethinking TradeMe’s development team structure. After some successful trials they settled on a format they called squadification. The change involved not only different ways of working, but also some new terminology and titles. They asked me to quickly capture the main ones in a one-pager that went up on the walls during the first days and weeks of transition.