I’m a consultant with a passion for taming tricky projects and complex information. My background is in media companies but now I work for all kinds of organisations.

My work history is summarised on LinkedIn, and you can find me on Twitter.

The power of visualising the way we work

I’m in awe of how powerful it is to visualise what we do.

To make complex processes simple by seeing what’s happening. The who, what, where, how and when of problems laid out right in front of you: wasted time, roadblocks, double-ups, missed opportunities and old habits that don’t make sense any more.

I love how solutions start to suggest themselves.

In the beginning

I first started visualising workflows at Telegraph Media Group in London in 2006 when the organisation was going through a major change programme to meet the challenges of the internet era.

I mapped the group’s newsroom processes in detail to see where online and print publishing processes overlapped so we could design workflows that accommodated both. It was a fascinating exercise and I’ve been hooked ever since.

That’s also where I cut my teeth on change management, learning first-hand how challenging it is for people — and organisations as a whole — to have to think and act differently in every aspect of what they do because of the internet or some other disruptive event or technology.

And it’s where I started my journey into digital strategy, the power and pitfalls of social media, and how quickly the landscape can change for businesses as new technology emerges.

Along the way

Since then I’ve helped boards, managers, staff and students get their heads around new ways of working and thinking.

I’ve worked with organisations to change their culture, improve their business processes, and roll out workshops, training and practical guides to explain important ideas and put them into practice.

And I’ve helped people better understand how the internet affects their business, and especially how it changes their customers’ expectations and habits.

Things I love

I’m a fan of Creative Commons and the Open Government movement and others who generously contribute to the widespread sharing of information and ideas.

I’m interested in how news and public information are evolving, in how we know what we know, and in how accurate our perceptions are of the world we live in.

I love research, reading, and wrangling complex problems.

Occasionally I post on these and other themes on my old blog evolvingnewsroom.co.nz.