Strategy & Planning

A considered external perspective to help you get projects unstuck, tease out strategic priorities, and develop coherent plans that make sense to the board and staff alike.

Business Processes

Pragmatic approach to improving business processes and restructuring for growth. Equally experienced in quick overviews, detailed process mapping, defining requirements, and change implementation.

Document Design

User-focused document design and management – from one-off forms and flowcharts to fully integrated quality management systems. Simple, clear and concise.

I help people tame tricky projects and complex information.

Sometimes that’s about redesigning business processes, restructuring, or getting a project unstuck.

Sometimes it’s about product development, defining software requirements, building quality management systems or crafting document control processes. Other times it’s about increasing digital literacy, raising awareness, or creating explainer diagrams and flowcharts.

Over the years I’ve helped people:

> Build quality management systems for health organisations

> Develop and launch information products > Design and manage documents

> Improve business processes > Restructure > Get projects unstuck

> Think and plan strategically > Change organisational culture

> Run workshops and planning sessions > Run awareness-raising and educational programmes

> Develop digital publishing strategies > Write papers and books

I’d love to hear about your project. Take a look around the site, check me out on LinkedIn, and get in touch if you’d like to talk or get a quote.